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She paints an empty canvas when
She is afraid
She built a falling castle with her
Body of sand
And although lost she found
Love in the eyes of him
A shoulder she could fall on but
Never taken in
And all the rain is falling and the
Sidewalks are stained
With roses from her brushes
And the pictures from her hands

She cries a little harder
She only cries to me
Now if she called my name
I would've ran to catch her
The only tear left now comes from me
And now I say these words to you
I find it hard to lose her
The greatest gift that God
Could ever give to me

Was the girl I named December
The girl I named December
This version of Artha was the original, from the Last Wish CD First Of February.  It has very slightly different lyrics, and is sung by both Justin and the girl in the band.

"Uh, this next song...didn't mean to bring the party down or anything, this is for my grandmother.  This next song...Christmastime, you know. Lights and...lights and shit.  This next song goes out to grandmother.  Here we go."

-Justin at Sidecar 12-26-01

"That's for my grandmother, who passed away on my birthday."

Justin at Sidecar 12-27-00

This song is always done a capella.
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