Black Orchid
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Have you ever been so lonely?
There's no-one there to hold
Just pull me in or disown me
And then climb inside
My eyes are open wide
Help me look inside

It is not that I am scared to learn
Just why I'm empty inside
Just hold my hand to show some concern
If I live or die
My eyes are open wide
Help me look inside

Singing hah-de-da-de-de-da, hah hah
Ha-de-da-de-de-da, hah hah

I hear the water drip from the faucet
Sweetly falling in tune, who knew?
I'm gently closing the closet
And I fall to the floor
And crawl to my room
The thought of ending it soon
Just let me sleep in my room

Hear me cry
Cry, no
I hear a knock at the front door, don't come in!
I try to look at you but I can't stop shaking
Leave me alone, just go away
Mother, I'm so scared
I'm so scared

An empty bed, but all of my sheets are gone
They're wrapped around me and you
All is quiet but the drop of my gun
Cause I, I want to belong
God, to someone
But maybe life's not for everyone

"I remember when I first started writing was back when I was like fourteen, and um...I came up to my mom, cause she was always the person that I checked my songs with, and um...if she thought I was any good.  And um, one day I came to my mom with quite a confession, and I put it into song, like I think a lot of us sometimes do in our words and our poetry and our diaries, things like that, when people just don't understand us when we talk.  So I put it into song.  Tonight we have something called the um confessional booth, if anyone out there needs to get something off of their chest, after the show, we have a little room for um, yeah.  Just think about that.  Anyway, this is probably one of the first confessions, and probably one of the biggest confessions I ever made, and it was to my mother back in '94.  This is a song called Black Orchid."

-Justin on Argue With A Tree
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