Bomb On The Way
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What did I accomplish today?
My house looks plastic
There's a bomb on the way
A sleeky sneaky silvery grey
And there's a stall
On the long-distance calls

The frozen face of yesterday's gone
Like a song sounding all wrong
A crystal-plated swan
I pulled a seat to the back and I try to hang on
With the throttle on and the bottle gone
Just to build up my own hot-rod song

The dragon's back
Like a needle in a haystack
Shh, keep quiet
With no regrets
I sincerely shake his hand
But in time you and I
Will learn to fly
In time you and I
"Anyway, so, we finish the show, go back to the hotel, sleep, do whatever we do at the hotel.  Wake up in the morning, head to Lincoln, Lincoln Nebraska.  I guess is pretty suave up there, if you or your friends live up there.  So we go up there and we play, and we have a really great time, and then after the just gets kind of weird.  There's a lot of like...I don't want to say this...crystal meth.  Yeah.  And it's really hard to hold conversations, so it gets kind of weird. So that's how I saw Lincoln last time."

Justin at Sidecar 02-20-02

So this song could maybe be about drugs, crystal methamphetamine in particular?  It's possible.  It's a very trippy song, with lots of weird references, and lots to greyish colors.  Including a specific "crystal-plated swan" line.  Very nice, Justin.
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