Gun Metal Blue
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I'm having a nightmare and I can't fall asleep
She's peacefully turning and burning my cheek
This part of you's saying that my head's only playing
Seems to back massage the monsters
Counting headlights from the street
It seems to back massage the monsters
Counting headlights from the street

They go by, by
They go by
They always they always
They always seem to say goodbye

Indulge in tobacco and early-bird special
Gazebo in morning's reply
An underlined passage from Dante's
With peaches in marmalade style
I sneak through the window caressing her pillow
With music by waterfall's bride
So, so, so I tiptoe to Bedrock
Where the rain falls umbrellas
And the road sings while lilacs go by

They go by, they go by
They go by
They always they always
They always seem to say goodbye

One set of footprints is when I am lonely
Alone, no-one, nobody to see
Tickles my spine when I'm so lonely
Alone, no-one, nobody but me
Afraid to find your footprints
Now I'm wishing on a star
But over and over that star has faded
I know my journey is far
But many prints I've come across this way
I hope to find her soon
But now my star has faded away
And I wish upon the moon
I hardly ever get to sleep
I travel through the night
And now my mind is hallucinating
Tracks of you inside
But still I roam the cliffs at dawn
I search my path at day
And yes, I'm still walking through that field of green
That leads and shows the way
But still afraid to find her footprints
All because my past
Others left me in the dark
They last, they last
But I know I will come over this fear
And find my one lost love
Cause it's the beauty of her face
Like angels from above
And through the sand I take a step
My feet are not yet spent
I look up across my field of white
To discover my lost footprints
And I scampered through the snowy sand
Through the trail of tracks above
And when I reached the end I knew it then
I found my long lost love

By, by, by
Now I will never, I will never hear goodbye
"This next song is called Gun Metal's just in the chords of G and C."

-Justin at Sidecar 12-26-01

"All right.  So I was at an IHOP about 5 years ago with Ryan Delahoussaye.  It was a rough night, and it was about 4 AM.  And we were sitting up there, and I had one of those little mats with pancakes and shit on them.  So I wrote this song on the pancake, and it's called Gun Metal Blue.  I think I still have that picture of that pancake, too, somewhere."

-Justin at Sidecar 09-28-02

Instead of the last two lines, Justin sang this verse at the end of the song during some Blue October shows:

"Now I want you to fall asleep
I wanna take pictures of you falling asleep
I want to be next to you, not touch you, no
Just fall asleep
I want to watch you just fall asleep
Asleep, asleep, asleep, asleep, asleep, asleep"
< ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->