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This is for...
This is [unidentifiable] Sharon or Andy
How wonderful it was to hear from you
I was downtown until yesterday
So me back
Give me a call!
Sure want to talk to you
Want to know how you are
Want to catch up, have coffee
All of that, sometime
That's the number you can reach me at
Keep tryin!

Hey Justin, it's Katie
It's Friday the 14th of May
About 2:30 in the morning
[Unidentifiable lyrics]

[Echoes of previous messages]

[Other messages that are blurred by the electronic music and echoes.  One girl, one guy, another girl.]
"I was living in Austin with my girlfriend Mamie...and so, she would watch TV and I would be in the other room in our studio, heh, making these songs up.  But this song I took from my cell phone, cause I never answered my cell phone, and never really called anybody.  People hate me for that, actually, but I don't care.  But anyway, this is the day in the life in a cell phone.  This is one day, all of the messages taken, and...erased.  Just different personalities...but here we go.  This is called Next Message."

-Justin at Sidecar 12-07-02
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