False and alternate
song titles
"A Walk Below The Sea" - a false title for "A Week Below The Sea"
"Adorable" - rumoured to be an old title for "Balance Beam"
"Amanda Gently" - an old name for "Gently"
"Amanda, Sweet Amanda" - an alternate title for "Texas Cowboy Grin"
"Anything At All" - a false title for "H.R.S.A."
"Been Down" - a new title for "How Long Have You Been Down?"
"December" - a false title for "Artha"
"Do You Ever Wonder" - the official alternate title for "Conversation Via Radio"
"Fairy Tale" - a false title for the song "Balance Beam"
"Getting Over This" - an alternate song title for "Brand New Heartache"
"Hold Me" - a false title for the song "Cattleprod", a Last Wish/5591 song
"I Would Meet You" - the old title for "What If We Could?"
"Needing Someone" - an alternate title for "Gently"
"Perfect Gentleman" - a false title for the song "Balance Beam"
"Striving For Rain" - the original title for "Sorry Hearts"
"Train Of Pearl" - a shortened name for "Freight Train Of Pearl"
"U Make Me Smile" - an alternate spelling of "You Make Me Smile"

"Whatever Happened To The Radio" - an old title for "Inner Glow"
"Violin Solo" - an internet title for "PRN"